Prze-budzenie (“awakening”)

We’ve been civilized for years.
Fit into plastic, concrete, sterility
And we – in the name of development – follow it
Wasting time, health and soul
We renounce roots, heritage and lineage
To pretend we’re on our own
We lock ourselves in cages of abundance
Taking depression as a companion
What if you stood barefoot for a moment?
Break patterns and expectations
Close your eyes, open your heart
Immerse yourself in the care of forests, rivers, fields, mountains, lakes and seas
Feel the pulsation of the body, reborn, revitalized, rooted
How breath comes back, acceptance and allowing
For this,
just to be

The “Prze-budzenie” (“awakening”) series is an invitation to try to touch the world we come from and feel how much we are expected and real

Polaroid transfer – a method of applying an image to paper using Polaroid prints. A “jelly” with the image is obtained from the developed photo and transferred to paper in a very precise way. Thanks to this, the image acquires additional visual qualities and is completely unique. You can never get two identical prints during the transfer. This medium was chosen because of its delicacy, unpredictability and imperfection, which corresponds perfectly with the themes it covers – human contact with each other and nature. It urges the viewer to get closer, to stare, to experience photography and to interpret the image through the prism of one’s own feelings.

kobiecość zdjęcie

Can you feel?
this gentle warmth?
light shines through the eyelids
you are safe
you can wake up now

akt kobiecy

Cold, living water
take away from me everything that does not serve me
sanctify me to life
in itself

Barbara Krupa-Kapuśniak

returning home is leaving
four walls where you live.
the road is brand new
but it seems extremely familiar and close

I am bravely following my heart

A wonderful opportunity to wrap yourself in a cloud
touch it
Drop the bad words

In the moonlight
in the light of the sun
Listening to the heartbeat.

Harvest time.
The fruits of our actions,
our joys
Are you happier? More open? Regardless of the answer, you will be able to repeat everything in a year,
catch up… there is time.
Live now and for yourself. Not tomorrow and for the others.

And I anoint you
my body
for good