It is in it and thanks to it that we can become the movement and breath
It is thanks to it and in it that we have space for experience
It is a gift for us to become part of the universe
tangible matter
One of a kind, unique – holy
It is our language of communication
Our alphabet of existence

Work created during an artist residency at the 2 Worlds Gallery
in Krakow “Movement, breath, space – energy in calligraphy”.
Working with the subject of femininity and self-acceptance, I wanted to refer to the fact that without the body we would never feel movement, space or breath.
This body is our alphabet for receiving the world.
The photos are created using the Polaroidtransfer technique. Extremely unpredictable, imperfect and unique – just like our bodies.
The work consists of five polaroid transfers on which there are letters made of flesh.

Polaroid transfer – a method of applying an image to paper using Polaroid prints. A “jelly” with the image is obtained from the developed photo and transferred to paper in a very precise way. Thanks to this, the image acquires additional visual qualities and is completely unique. You can never get two identical prints during the transfer. This medium was chosen because of its delicacy, unpredictability and imperfection, which corresponds perfectly with the themes it covers – human contact with each other and nature. It urges the viewer to get closer, to stare, to experience photography and to interpret the image through the prism of one’s own feelings.

The work is in the collection of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art.