Only the Forest will Bring me Solace

When I lose strength and ground under my feet,
I’m going to a real home
I take off everything that is heavy
And I find solace in it.”

I started creating the series when the war in Ukraine broke out. When I was overwhelmed by the amount and weight of bad news. I needed to escape and intuitively headed towards the forest. Places where the information noise escaped, and I could breathe in complete silence and take my time, giving away everything that was overwhelming me.

Polaroid transfer – a method of applying an image to paper using Polaroid prints. A “jelly” with the image is obtained from the developed photo and transferred to paper in a very precise way. Thanks to this, the image acquires additional visual qualities and is completely unique. You can never get two identical prints during the transfer. This medium was chosen because of its delicacy, unpredictability and imperfection, which corresponds perfectly with the themes it covers – human contact with each other and nature. It urges the viewer to get closer, to stare, to experience photography and to interpret the image through the prism of one’s own feelings.

When the world is moving too fast. It spins, chases, stings, burns the eyes and soul.
When I start to wander on my way to myself.
I’m going to the forest
For silence, for absolution, for peace
Because only the forest will bring me solace

sztuka fotografia

I give
I take
What I need
Through the heart
Which we have in common

And if so, instead of lifting
Hug your experiences
Take strength from them

akty las

Nothing is that hard
Like a rock in our heart
That we defend not to soften
Because it is the foundation of our identity

When we find forgiveness
For myself
With myself
Everything will resonate
For us
With us
And everything will be fine