“Prze-czucie” (“feeling”)

Stop, look, become part of the world you see. Let your body feel, come into contact with heat, cold, a touch of wind, touch of …
Let a feeling fill you.
Just be.

The “Prze-czucie” (“feeling”) cycle is a confrontation of high sensitivity with the world around us.
It is an attempt to tell how feeling can resonate in us and how many experiences it brings to our world.
It is a stop, meditation, contact with the body that we so often forget.

Polaroid transfer – a method of applying an image to paper using Polaroid prints. A “jelly” with the image is obtained from the developed photo and transferred to paper in a very precise way. Thanks to this, the image acquires additional visual qualities and is completely unique. You can never get two identical prints during the transfer. This medium was chosen because of its delicacy, unpredictability and imperfection, which corresponds perfectly with the themes it covers – human contact with each other and nature. It urges the viewer to get closer, to stare, to experience photography and to interpret the image through the prism of one’s own feelings.

Barbara Krupa-Kapuśniak

Each of us carries an element of freedom, wildness, sincere joy. Discover it in yourself.
Slowly or suddenly – as you want or need. Be happy

Barbara Krupa-Kapusniak Wabi-sabi

When you are feeling blue inside you
when the soul is sad
find the light within you
touch the sun
Be free

There is no wrong body
there are no bad places on our map of being
There is a taboo that cuts us off from us
Make a truce and an agreement

Barbara Krupa-Kapuśniak Polaroidtransfer

Cold, clear water
wash it off me
which makes me weak
give me life

polaroidtransfer Barbara Krupa-kapusniak

Let no one, under the guise of taking care of your well-being, hurt you.
Let no care be too burdensome.
Let violence never pretend to be good.
Let everyone have the strength to go home.

fotografia kolekcjonerska

Good touch, caresses, care
you can gift yourself
you don’t depend on others
you belong to yourself

sztuka fotografia

You have the power within you
moving the world
hip swaying
feeling the body